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Thank you to the Reddit Dreams community for sharing their dreams with me and going through the growing pains together as I learned how to explain the subject of dream work to a wide audience. We’ve learned a lot in the process. You taught me that I have something valuable to share and gave me the courage to go public with it. Along with the book’s editor, Caroline Pincus at Hampton Roads and my agent Lisa Hagan, we worked our hearts out and hope you will love the result.

The bottom line you should know, if you don’t have time to read through this site, is that dreams really aren’t as hard to understand as they can seem. Understanding yours will take practice. You will learn a new way of approaching your dreams, but it won’t take long to catch on. I’ve taught many people from all walks and stages of life how to understand their dreams and use them for their benefit. If you can understand the subtext and symbolism of a movie or novel, you can understand your dreams. Once you understand how to decipher the language that dreams speak — symbolism — and decode the stories they tell, you are well on your way. Beginners are welcome, and experts can learn some new things, too.

Also, I heard from many members of the Reddit Dreams community that they are frustrated by books about dreams that don’t teach them how to understand their own dreams. Dream dictionaries can provide great ideas as starting points, but there are no universal definitions for dream symbolism, no Rosetta Stone for translating the imagery. The symbolism is all personal. The same symbol can mean something much different in my dreams than yours. That’s why I focus on showing you how to decipher the symbolism of your dreams and understand the story structure. I explain it in a way that anyone can understand, plain and simple. In Reddit-speak, you could say that I explain like I’m five, using examples and bullet points. Whether you are in high school or retired, have been to college or not, know about dream psychology or not, you can follow along with this book and understand your dreams.

Dreams truly can be guides for life. And they can be life-changing. Understanding my dreams and creatively working with them opened doors for me not just professionally as an author and personally in my love life, but also spiritually, emotionally, productively. After many years of trying I finally found my way to where I belong, and my dreams played a large part in getting me there.

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I encourage you drop by my blog, dreams123.net, for a quick look at my dream interpretations. At this site I give overviews of how to remember, interpret, and live your dreams, as well as a description of the book. You can also listen to my media appearances. Drop by my media page. I think the Jim Harold Podcast was one of my best interviews. It’s a bit less than an hour long.

I’ve heard it said that dreams are wishes of the heart, and I’ve often found that to be true. The wish of my heart is that you get from my book the knowledge to understand and live your dreams. ~Peace



One heckuva dream interpreter!

–George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM

Just received my copy of Dreams 1-2-3, I got started reading and interpreting right away. I’ve already marked up portions of my book. I will definitely be keeping this by my bed for early morning assistance so that I can better understand my dreams. I am loving this book and Mr. DeBord’s take on dream interpretation, it’s fresh and interesting.

–user ‘love to learn’ @Amazon

If you want to delve into dream interpretation for the first time this is the book for you. J.M. DeBord starts from the beginning. He assumes no prior knowledge and a strong curiosity. He is a born teacher who uses examples liberally to elucidate his explanations of dream decoding. His own enthusiasm for his work is evident. His experience with dream interpretation for himself and others is clear.

–Larry Pesavento, author of Toward Manhood: Into the Wilderness of the Soul

Although J.M. DeBord’s Dreams 1-2-3 is written for those with little to no experience with Dream Interpretation, it contains a wealth of tips and insights for those, like me, who have worked with dreams for many years! As a guest on my radio show, J.M. drew listener responses like ‘awesome’. ‘right-on’, ‘amazing insight’ and ‘cool dude’.

–Robert Sharpe, host of Bringing Inspiration to Earth radio program

I am compelled to, with no reservations, recommend Dreams 1-2-3 by J.M. DeBord to anyone who is looking for self-improvement, answers, or just wanting to understand more about their mind and heart. You may even realize the potential you that might not have known was in you.

–Katalin Csikos

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