Tell me about your dreams

Tell me about your dreams

About J.M. DeBord, the reddit dreams expert

I’m author and Reddit Dreams moderator J.M. DeBord, aka RadOwl. As a reddit moderator and regular guest on media programs I’ve interpreted thousands of dreams and answered hundreds of questions about the subject. I created the DREAMS 1-2-3 system of dream work in response to the many people who tell me they wish they could interpret their dreams but lack a source that is simple enough for anyone to follow, and thorough enough to cover all the bases.

I started interpreting dreams twenty years ago while in college studying journalism and government. They provided answers I needed to figure out my direction in life, and have continued to guide me to health, happiness, love, and meaning. I do not subscribe to any particular school of dream interpretation or push a point of view, instead I synthesize together the best of what works and make it as simple as possible to understand. DREAMS 1-2-3 is simple but elegant, and while written for beginners, experienced dream interpreters have gained insights from it.

Now I am branching out to conduct workshops, teach college courses, and give webinars. My way of interpreting dreams and learning from them has really caught on. It doesn’t require a psychologist or guru to explain. It acknowledges the mystery of dreams while focusing on the here and now, on what’s practical and beneficial. Most dreams are reviews of your day with an eye toward self-knowledge and discovery. They are stories about your life told with symbolism. As stories they can be analyzed the same as a novel, movie, or tv show.

You can read more about DREAMS 1-2-3 at this website, or at my blog about dream interpretation, dreams123.net. I stay active online at reddit dreams, google +, twitter, and facebook. Contact me through social media. Facebook is the best option.