Interpret Your Dreams

Dreams 1-2-3

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Step 2: Interpret Your Dreams

Step 2: Interpret Your Dreams


Step Two of the Dreams 1-2-3 method is to interpret your dreams. I show how it is done through personal association with dream details and knowledge of dream story structure. And when that doesn’t work we go into advanced techniques that anyone can use to understand their dreams.

Dreams give you a hard, honest look at yourself. They compare. They make analogies. They use metaphors and turn figures of speech into parables about your life and what is going on in it. They run simulations to test  you and sharpen your abilities. They reach into the past to heal old wounds and learn from your experiences, and look ahead into the future to give a preview of what is to come.

I show how even nightmares and violent dreams are ultimately trying to help you gain balance and see yourself from a higher perspective. Examples are how many of us learn best, so I use them at every turn to make dream interpretation understandable for everyone. It’s not as hard as it can seem.

Dreams 1-2-3 incorporates some of the dream interpretation methods of pioneers like Drs. Carl Jung and Ann Faraday and the teachings of Edgar Cayce, but no special knowledge about dreams is required. It is written in plain language for a general audience, influenced heavily by my experience teaching dream interpretation at Reddit Dreams, where the knowledge level varies from beginner to expert. I studied the theory and science, but learned mostly through practice.

Dream interpretation used to be a common practice, an everyday part of family, community and spiritual life. But these days it is taken over by specialists — psychologists and gurus — who are either too academic for the lay reader, or too “New Age-y.” Both approaches have something to lend to dream interpretation, but my approach is a common sense approach informed by deep knowledge of symbolism and story telling. Once you understand how dreams work, you will be able to interpret yours.