Live Your Dreams

Step 3: Remember Your Dreams

Step 3: Remember Your Dreams


Dreams 1-2-3

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 Step three of the Dreams 1-2-3 method is to live your dreams, advice that is meant literally. Phrases like “live your dreams” and “make your dreams come true” are good advice when taken literally, because dreams show you a path to your highest potential, as seen from the perspective of the unconscious side of the mind — where dreams come from. They can lead you to the life you really want.

Living your dreams gives them a place of importance in your daily life. You will realize how they prepare the way for the day ahead by sending you ideas to make improvements, answer questions, and give perspective on whatever has been occupying your mind and heart. Dreams can give advice on what job to take, house to buy, or person to marry. They can even warn you of impending danger or trouble. All of your big and small decisions can be addressed by your dreams. Sometimes the insights are life-changing, even world-changing when dreams lead to new inventions, discoveries, and creations.

Dreams act as a life coach, someone who knows you better than anyone else … including yourself! The unconscious side of the mind never sleeps and it picks up on everything. It uses dreams to tell you what you missed and amplify what is important. By giving your dreams attention you realize potential you might not know you have.

Dreams even have the ability to see ahead and show you what is about to happen in your life. It can sound like a weird idea but I have read hundreds of examples and discuss some of the best to show how it works. Our minds have incredible capabilities and the universe responds to our intentions by providing whatever we need at the time, so it’s not such a stretch to imagine that dreams play a role in determining the future. Cultures around the world hold the belief. I am convinced it’s true and propose a quantum connection based on the intelligent observer effect.

Dreams 1-2-3 shows you how to live your dreams in the literal sense and gives tips, advice, and many examples to learn from. Reading it could be the first step to making your dreams come true!