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Featured media interview: Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast

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J.M. DeBord has been a featured guest on:

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Ray Carr Show

Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader

The Moore Show (UK)

Jordan Rich Show

Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast

Fringe Radio

Dr. Pat Show

Share Wisdom TV

Psychic Cup of Coffee with Kelle Sutliff

Bringing Inspiration to Earth with Robert Sharpe

Laura Longley Show

Paranormal and Beyond

Kacey on the Radio

Stellar Reflections with Christine Upchurch

Hundredth Monkey Radio

WINA Morning Show

Guy’s Guy Radio with Robert Manni

Masterful Choices with Monique Chapman

Charm the Water podcast

See You on the Other Side podcast

Agent of HELM podcast

Powered Up! with Linda Franklin and Sandra Beck

Warren Xchange Radio

Donna Seebo Show

Wake Up! Lake County

Dr. Leslie Show

Bob Charles Show


ARCHIVE (first to last)

Nov. 2013

Featured guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, “Dream Analysis”

Featured guest on The Hundredth Monkey Radio

—-Listen (player at bottom of page)

Featured guest on Robert Sharpe’s Bringing Inspiration to Earth


Psychic Cup of Coffee with Kelle Sutliff

Bringing Inspiration to Earth with Robert Sharpe

—-Listen to episode

Ray Carr Show

—-Link to archives. See Nov. 26 episode

Fringe Radio

—-Link to Fringe page for J.M. DeBord

Laura Longley

—-Listen here


December 2013

Wake Up, Lake County!

The Paranormal & Beyond

—-Listen on Youtube


Jan. 2014

Monique Chapman‘s Masterful Choices on Achieve Radio

—-Scroll down to 1-22-2014 show, hour two

Jordan Rich Show

Christine Upchurch’s Stellar Reflections

—-Listen here

Kacey on the Radio

—-Listen to our health n’ happiness episode


Feb. 2014

Ray Carr Show

Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast

—-Listen here


March 2014

March 15 Tucson Festival of Books, author’s pavilion

Ray Carr Show


April 2014

Dr. Pat Show

—-Scroll down to April 10 show, hour two.

WINA Morning Show

Kacey on the Radio

April 15th — The Ray Carr Show


May 2014

May 7 Darkness Radio with David Shrader

—-Listen to hour one

May 14 Guy’s Guy Radio

—-Listen to J.M.’s appearance

May 31 Dream Interpretation Workshop

—-Changing Hands Bookstore, Tempe, AZ. 2-4 p.m. $25


June 2014

Warren Xchange Radio


July 2014

Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast, second appearance


August 2014

August 1 Christine Upchurch Show, 2nd appearance

—-Listen here

August 19 Ray Carr Show


October 2014

October 19 Bob Charles Show

—-Listen here


November 2014

November 18 Powered Up! Talk Radio with Linda Franklin and Sandra Beck

—-Listen here


December 2014

Ray Carr Show


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rwwcover500PRAISE FOR DREAMS 1-2-3

“Although J.M. DeBord’s Dreams 1-2-3 is written for those with little-to-no experience with Dream Interpretation, it contains a wealth of tips and insights for those, like me, who have worked with dreams for many years! As a guest on my radio show, J.M. drew listener responses like ‘awesome,’ ‘right-on,’ ‘amazing insight,’ and ‘cool dude’. J.M.’s book is a must have for those interested in Remembering, Interpreting, and Living Their Dreams. It’s one I highly recommend.” –Robert Sharpe, host of Bringing Inspiration to Earth, via Amazon


“I wish I could have read this book years ago.” –Shirley Weeks via Goodreads


“Much has been written about the interpretation of dreams, but this excellent book by J.M. DeBord, DREAMS 1-2-3, takes a different approach to the subject of dreaming: his book is a means to help us recall our dreams and then once having mastered that elusive task, to understand the meaning and the impetus for our dreams and to interpret them.” –Grady Harp, Amazon Top-50 Reviewer, via Goodreads


“I am loving this book and Mr. DeBord’s take on dream interpretation, it’s fresh and interesting.” –Lisa, via Amazon


“I’ve always been interested in dreams since I was little, especially when they sometimes came true. This book helped me to understand what my dreams were telling me. I’ve read other dream interpretation books but this one really explained how to interpret them specifically for you. 5 stars!” –Rosalynn Philips via Amazon


“I am compelled to, with no reservations, recommend Dreams 1-2-3 by J.M. DeBord to anyone who is looking for self-improvement, answers or just wanting to understand more about their mind and heart. You may even realize the potential you that might not have known was in you.” –Katalin Csikos via Amazon


“If you want to delve into dream interpretation for the first time this is the book for you.” –Larry Pesavento via Amazon


“If you’re committed to learning about yourself from your dreams, buy this book. As I teenager, I had a Freudian dream dictionary by my bedside and learned almost nothing. I read Jungian analysis and got more pieces of the picture, but found the methods tedious. DeBord makes dream interpretation simple (if not always easy). Rather than having you memorize symbol meanings, he hands you tools for mentally breaking down the imagery in a way that’s personal to you. He’s realistic about dreams. Some have great meaning, some don’t. Also, the book is not weighed down with spiritualism even as it remains open to the possibility of a paranormal inspiration for (some) dreams. It’s truly a gem and offers a way of interpreting that’s practical, not overly time-consuming, and makes dreamwork itself more meaningful.” –Anonymous, via Barnes and Noble


Wonderfully written with deep insight. J.M. DeBord is fantastic at interpreting dreams and gives a ton of detailed and valuable information on how to do so yourself.” –Jennifer, via Amazon


J.M. DeBord is represented by literary agent Lisa Hagan.

Dreams 1-2-3 is published by Hampton Roads Publishing. Edited by Caroline Pincus.