Remember Your Dreams

Dreams 1-2-3

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Step 1: Remember Your Dreams

Step 1: Remember Your Dreams


Step one of the Dreams 1-2-3 approach is to remember your dreams. It’s difficult for some people, so I give you tips and techniques to use and walk you through the details of keeping a dream journal. By tracking your dreams you will see patterns emerge that make them easier to understand.

Your dreams are easier to remember when you understand their structure. Fully-formed dreams have three key elements: settings, characters, and symbolism; and three narrative components: action, reaction, and resolution.

The settings of your dreams set the stage. They reveal information about the areas of life being addressed, or what a dream is about.

Characters often show you yourself reflected back. People you know can appear in your dreams to be part of stories about your relationships with them, or show you what’s going on with yourself. You can learn a lot about yourself by knowing your dream characters, especially the recurring ones.

Dreams are packed with symbolism. Dream symbolism is a language that communicates ideas and makes connections between them like a game of Charades. When you understand the language of symbolism and how it is used in dreams, you will understand your dreams in new ways as stories that accurately and poignantly describe your life.

Dreams use action to tell their stories. Action makes symbolism comes alive and reveals its personal meaning.

Your reactions in your dreams reveal how you really feel and think. They give an unvarnished look in the mirror.

Dreams also provide suggestions for resolutions. Dreams don’t just point out your issues and problems, they offer suggestions and solutions.

The point of dreams is self-improvement, so it behooves you to remember them. Dreams 1-2-3 features numerous examples of ways dreams improved the lives of the dreamers, and once you understand that your dreams have the same potential to improve your life, you will want to remember them. You will make the time to record them in a journal or diary or at a website like Reddit Dreams (opens in new window) where I am a moderator who has interpreted hundreds, maybe thousands, of dreams. It’ll come naturally with practice and desire.